Where the Trading Room  really is the Classroom!



  • Trading Room is open while I build this Website. Membership is $49.99 USD per/month.
  • Looking to build a community of traders where we trade and refine our skills together.
  • The very low monthly fee includes all “Trading Education” services, no extra courses that cost thousands of dollars! I always hated that about other services!
  • Traders of all levels are welcome, everyone has something valuable to contribute.
  • The Trading Room is webinar based where I show my platform on the screen all day.
  • There are two meetings a day where market direction and trade set-ups are discussed.
  • Real Time calls are made and I use that as a great teaching tool, being in the trade myself.
  • A realistic approach to trading is stressed, trading certain stocks that are “Well Behaved”,as well as lower share counts for those on their journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader. It takes time and patience with yourself.
  • Trading with a supportive group and avoiding the Pitfalls of trading alone and isolated.


Please Email me at:  “”  for further details. You can also follow me on

StockTwits or Twitter: @spideytrader

Come check us out, for the price of a cup of coffee a day you can’t go wrong and I’m confident

you will find value. I look forward to trading with you!

Sincerely, SpideyTrader…